//digital re/release.

//the/untimely.construction. //of.a.building//to//jump.off.

blueskiesfade cover artwork

//after 18 years of silence, and encouragement from you. blueskiesfade has decided to re/launch the website and re/release our original recordings. our songs struck a chord in our lives that we could not let fade away. we know that our hearts downloaded as ones and zeros could never bring back the live experience, nonetheless on this corner of the internet our music can live forever.

//release date: Friday November 13th 1998
//recorded date: september 1998
//recorded @ clay creek studios, de
//label: inertia records
//artwork: todd steponick

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//i can’t think or see the light but is the light really there. with my arms extended fingers grasping I’m sorry for the pain that i caused the relationship that i broke will you ever forgive me i remember all the times that we had lost within myself i can’t let these walls down the walls that i built. i built so strong. all around my soul i just can’t let them down things seem unclear and misconceived our ways are not on the same line we do not see things eye to eye sometimes i think we should just kiss goodbye it’s so hard to let the love go but was our love env real as i throw the memories away i still cry its so hard to let go love it’s so hard to let love go i am standing in the emptiness i look down there is nothing to stand on my soul’s broke my senses dying my soul is into the blue I’m sorry for the pain that i cause the relationship i broke will you ever forgive me.


//home alone angelica sat staring at the sky waiting for the rain to stop she wanted a chance to play before her father came home she knew that once he arrived she’d be put to work if she didn’t follow his orders he would beat on her all she could do was cry he battered and bruised her face she was so innocent emotions kept inside for years all she could do was cry so young so innocent all she could do was cry the sky broke apart and the rays shined down it warmed the soul of a little girl at last she can go out and play while skipping rope on the sidewalk she just happened to spot her father’s truck coming down the street her smile went away he called her into the house he lied his orders on her she can’t take this abuse anymore she decided to take a stand this time he went to far her soul it bleeds he grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the floor continually hit her in the face that innocent face curled up to protect herself all she could do was cry she can’t take the abuse she got away she ran up the stairs went to his closet she looked and looked she found his gun he ran in after her she pointed it his way she pulled the trigger shot him dead she stands up and says to him you hurt hehe pushed her to the point where she just crumbled was it the right thing to do for angelic to kill her father yes i thinks.


//as we walk down the lonely beach as the moon lights your face as the water crashes down upon our lives we can’t feel this love that we hold inside can’t you see I’m numb all over from this burning flame. no more can i see the life we once had this time we lost our touch as the wolf crimes at the blood lit moon tonight as the moon spins and the earth comes to this end i can’t see the future anymore anymore this world will see me again after which i hold unto myself the force which makes u whole the time that i feel is right to makes these amends yesterday has gone to fast no more can i make the amends.


//as the sun sets our shadows grow long the darkness surrounds your life when you’re all alone no friends no family no one there for you to love awake at night crying just to make it through the sightlessness you sooth your pain by bloodshed and as the blood trickles out of your arms you bleed for a wish this wish is so simple you plead for death for death the cold wind blows it cools your boiled the blood you’ll again shed to sooth your pain blood covered the walls blood covered the floor you slit your wrists the pain you endure pleading for a wish you plead for death you wish you could breathe your last breath as the sun sets our shadows grow long as your blood sheds you are alone pacify the agony as your blood drains from your body you remain alone.


//elaborating on the past we have seen the purity is gone and the rest we all deceive we stare upon this room and rejoice in all our lives but the messages has been sent its till the lactone dies blueskiesfade. blueskidsfade. in our eyes day by day blueskiesfade blueskiesfade away in my heart day by day confusion in their minds setting them astray all caught up in the moment their lives are washed away no obligations left all washed up and all done but the message was sent and we all won.


//have you reached the side of darkness only one can tell in this lonesome life as this will prevail on the glass my hands cling my life slips by right through my dreams my knuckles white my teeth clenched tight i can’t surrender to this madness this time I’ve gone way too far no turning back to the other side my hands kill my mind draws blank the strength that i feel my inspiration died no time for remorse this sit the beginning of my life as i peel away the self righteous skins you’re blinded.


//i sit back and watch myself cry i sit back and feel all your strife i stick and watch my old life i think back to all the trust lost time and time again i can’t take this pain that i brought onto myself i just can’t wait till the time you can trust me again in our lives my life is just this blur without your trust my life blues your soul bleeds no more can i take this pain take this pain. away from me my life blurs you should bleeds no more can i take this pain take this pain live this pain take this pain away from me no more can i sit back and watch myself cry no more can i sit back and watch the hardships we made die my life blurs your should bleeds no more can i take this pain take this pain away from me.


sample is from a radio broadcast with dr lorraine day

//bonus tracks.


The passion of silence, entices my desires for an angel of the heavens whom id admire, the darkness bounds my lips for i'm forbidden to kiss the lips of my angel, beloved angel, when i can't speak my angel asks why, when i can't speak my angel sighs, when i can't speak my angel dies. I spoke once the demons surround me. Immobilized placed shackles on me, they captured me imprisoned me, so terrified with the curse of hell upon me. As they lead me to the dungeon, i saw the brightest light i ever seen, It was the most beautiful face of my angel she's killing me. The demons came and captured me angel run away forget about me.

//blueskiesfade ~ at.work.remix.



  • 1998-2000
    • ian kerner ~ vocals
    • dave harris ~ vocals
    • brian walters ~ guitar / vocals
    • shawn van der poel ~ guitar / vocals
    • mike louis ~ bass
    • brandon cook ~ bass
    • jason muskett ~ drums
  • 2000-2001
    • ian kerner ~ vocals
    • jason muskett ~ drums
    • shawn chesebro ~ guitar
    • mark ferris ~ guitar
    • mike lippincott ~ bass
  • 2002
    • dave harris ~ vocals
    • brian walters ~ guitar / vocals
    • shawn van der poel ~ guitar / vocals
    • mike louis ~ bass
    • josh kline ~ drums
    • mike hickey ~ vocals